About us

Aobo is a provider of energy efficient environmental solutions. Specifically, Aobo provides air treatment solutions (ATS) for industrial applications, and energy efficiency solutions to households and small commercial businesses for use of solar.
With respect to its air treatment solutions, Aobo principally focuses on dehumidification and NMP recovery in key end markets such as food processing and production, pharmaceuticals and lithium battery manufacturing. The air treatment solutions are used by customers in mission critical applications where precise control over air quality parameters has a direct impact on production safety, product quality, operating efficiency and/or financial viability of customers. 
In many cases, these solutions include customised equipment that is integrated directly into customer production or operational processes. Unlike manufacturers of consumer appliances and conventional air conditioning and refrigeration businesses, Aobo provides customers with advanced air control products and solutions that are designed and delivered to meet exacting customer specifications and requirements.
Through its long and close association with its lithium battery manufacturing customers, Aobo has developed a depth of understanding of lithium battery technology for energy storage. The rapid technological advances in lithium batteries and the decrease in battery costs makes energy storage using lithium batteries economic and feasible. Furthermore, the close and stable relationship the Company has with lithium battery manufacturers gives Aobo access to a competitive supply of high-quality lithium batteries. 
Hence, in early 2018, Aobo has launched a new business division manufacturing and distributing lithium battery energy storage systems for residential and small commercial applications. Aobo offers households and small commercial businesses its own-branded lithium battery energy storage system which integrates with solar to store excess power generated for later use. The Company has strategically targeted Australia as its first market because Australia is a world leader in rooftop solar investment. According to SunWiz, Australia has ranked in the top10 nations for annual installed solar capacity every year since 2008 and ranks fifth in the world for per capita installed capacity .