Company History

Key events
Aobo established and commenced production and sale of dehumidifiers
Aobo sold the first dehumidifier to Johnson & Johnson (Shanghai)
2000 Penetrated into pharmaceutical manufacturing industry
2002-2003 Developed low and Ultra-low dew point dehumidification system and used at Hitachi factory in Wuxi
2004 Penetrated into lithium battery and food manufacturing industry, with dehumidification system used at BYD
2006 ISO9001 Quality Management System Accreditation and penetrated into automotive glass industry
2007 Developed NMP Recovery System which are used at leading lithium battery manufacturer such as A123, Panasonic
Awarded New High-tech Enterprise Certification 
Extend distribution network to markets outside China
2016 NMP Recovery Systems were used in mass production at CATL
2017 Began research into ESS for the efficient use of solar energy
Dehumidification was exported to Australia
Developed and launched ESS 
Commenced trial sale of ESS in Australian market
Promoted Aobo ESS in Australia
ESS are installed in Australia 
Obtained Clean Energy Council (CEC) Membership 
AOBO ESS is to be on the list of CEC (to be finished by June 2019)
Obtained several Certifications (for example TUV(IEC 62619)